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Second Hand Guns

One of my own up for sale
Winchester Original Patrick Flanigan SX3 30inch 12g Sporter.
This is the original flanigan model sporter semi auto 12g.
Supplied with all the original chokes and spares that came with it.

Second hand

Laurona side by side 12g DT NE 28 inch £150

BSA Italian made single barrel 12g £45

SH Browning invector chokes at under half price

Two Briley browning invector extended LM chokes.
including teauge case.

2 sets of Browning invector teauge chokes with key and case.
Set One
1 x full
1 x 3/4
2 x 1/2
1 x 3/8
1 x skeet
1 x key
1x case

Set Two (same as in pic above)
1x full
1 x 3/4
1 x1/2
1 x 3/8
1 x 1/4
1 x skeet


Note on TRANSFER of firearms.
Huttons refuse to accept Transfers or post firearms , air rifles , moderators etc.
Reasons :
(1) Customer complaints that after paying transfer fees they have found I could get it a lot cheaper even without the transfer fee included.
(2) Their secondhand item turns out to be a worn out lump of junk and expect me to sort out the return fees and give them a refund.
(3) Items damaged during transit to me.
(4) Customers do not have the relevant authorization to buy said firearm or shotgun as yet and do not realize I will have to charge storage fees until they do.
(5) I do not post items any more due to the change in the distant selling laws and due to the fact I prefer to see and talk to the customer first on a face to face basis to give advice on safety and correct use of the item. ( you would be surprised how many calls I used to have about an item not working only to find out the customer had not read the manual and forgot to release the safety. )
(6) I do not deal in secondhand items unless I am personally aware of it's history and condition for legal requirements.
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